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IT Works Inc. c.2012

Blog, SEO and SMM Administration

  • As the Administrator of the IT Works Inc. Blog, I worked with the company to create an ongoing content strategy and schedule and provided weekly blog content.
  • As SEO consultant, I helped manage on- and off-site Search Engine Optimization strategies including backlink placement.
  • As Social Media consultant, I created and managed company’s social media profiles and posts.

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The IT Works Inc. owns the sole copyright to written content provided as samples on this page, as well as the IT Works Logo. Neither the logo nor content may be reproduced for any reason without written permission from an IT Works Inc. representative.

Project Details

Client IT Works Inc.
Date January 2012 – April 2013
Job Details Blog Admin., Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management.

Content Types

Blogs, website content, timely news;

Press releases, instructional profiles, and

Off-site content for Social Media profiles.

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Content Topics

Grant writing tips, Grant research tips;

Grants, Grants Management Software, Grantseeking, and

Effort management and research management software.

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Sample Blog Content

Why Use Web-Based Effort Certification Software

Why use Web-Based Effort Certification & Reporting Software?

Effort administrators understand that tracking their research grants takes time, especially if the effort certification and reporting technology the EAs are using is difficult to navigate, or not as flexible as they would like. Investing in any new technology, whether to replace an existing effort reporting system or to get one started to make reporting easier is a tedious and time-consuming task…

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Applying Technological Advances To A Grants Management System

Applying Technological Advances to Your Grants Management System

Given the limited funding available to the various organizations that apply for and receive grants – or not – and considering the decreased funding over the last year overall in any sector, it is clear these organizations are having a difficult time bouncing back from the almost three-year long recession. In fact, the decreased grant awards makes it clear that a better grant management system is needed to help maximize funds already in play while remaining as cost-effective as possible.

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Cutting Grant Management Costs with Software

Cutting Grant Management Costs with Software

Researching grant opportunities, applying for grants, and then reporting on them, as per federal and institutional regulations is essential; however, manually tracking the funds takes a great deal of time and effort. The same is true for actually completing the research and then maintaining records. Many administrators have to wonder, isn’t there a way to streamline the grants management and effort reporting tasks without spending too much of the grant money on administration costs?

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What Happens if Time and Effort Reports Are Inaccurate?

What Happens if Time and Effort Reports Are Inaccurate?

Nevada Fire & Safety Council Will Soon Find Out…

Federal grant money comes with a lot of strings attached. Not only do recipients need to comply with specific project goals, but they must also meet government performance standards. Any organization or institution that receives federal grant money is required to comply with all federal policies and statutes regarding grant management, which includes time and effort reporting and certification processes.

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Federal Effort Reporting & OMB A-87

Federal Effort Reporting Requirements & the OMB A-87

Many research institutions receive grant funding from the government, and may use that money for different purposes depending on the proposal submitted. However, because these awards are government-funded, each of these organizations and their grants managers must keep track of their time and effort reports in the same way. For this reason, the federal Office of Management and Budget put together the OMB A-87 (PDF direct link) which makes it easier to keep up to date with the federal effort reporting requirements, and continue to receive funding.

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Other Content Samples

Press Release: IT Works Inc. Announces...

IT Works Announces 25th Anniversary & Sponsorship of FRA Conference

For Immediate Release:
February 26, 2012 (Raleigh, NC, USA) – Information Technology (IT) Works, Inc., is once again proud to announce its sponsorship of and participation in the 13th Annual Financial Research Administration Conference and sponsorship of the Silver Reception, all as a Silver Sponsor.

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News Format: Grants Awarded...

Texas Children’s Hospital and Valdosta Researchers Awarded Research Grants

It is always good news when any university, college, hospital, health care center, or other institution receives the news that their research grant has been awarded. Because every penny counts, it doesn’t matter how large or small an award is.

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News Format: $40 Million Awarded...

$40 million in VAPG Grants Awarded to Farmers

Hundreds of farm and ranch cooperatives—as well as dozens of agricultural producer groups, majority-controlled producer-based ventures, and independent producers—have been selected to share in more than $40 million in grant money. The lucky recipients of the Value-Added Producer Grant (VAPG) are spread over 44 states and Puerto Rico.

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Social Media Blog: Grant Administrator...

Make a Difference Working as a Grant Administrator

Why Grant Administrators are so Important

The grant administrator’s job uses a variety of skill sets, including special skills that many think should belong to a job role other than a “grants administrator,” or “grants manger.”

In an ideal world, a person might be able to stick to the “official” job description, but in the real world, the fact is that a person’s job is never done, and whatever tasks a grants administrator needs to complete as part of his or her duties, whether they are officially part of the job description or not, must be done.

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Social Media Blog: Track Invoices...

Using Grant Management Software to Track Invoices

Working with Invoices

Invoices are a part of any businessperson’s life, even when that business is a nonprofit one that exists solely on grant money from various government and private funding sources. Invoices are used to keep track of various items required for research including equipment and chemicals purchased; food to keep the lunchroom stocked; even when recording the research efforts of staff.

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