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Be as detailed as possible so I can send you as accurate a quote as possible. Examples of what I need from you:

  • How many pages of what type of writing and/or total words and topic;
  • Website URL (for rewrites, re-purposing, or adding to existing content);
  • Any special instructions

You will receive from me an estimate that includes approximate price and completion date, or an email asking for further details.

Asking a question?

Ask me a direct question about my work, portfolio, writing, or writing business, and I’ll give you a direct answer.

Please Note:road-sign-464657_1280

I will not tolerate spam – I do not need web design services. I do not want to buy (probably hacked and stolen) email address lists. I do not want to register my domain or keyword in China, and I most certainly do not want to learn the “newest and bestest blackhat way to beat Google” ever.

If you contact me with these or similar proposals, I will consider you spam, and add you to my personal blacklist that propagates across hundreds of servers and other blacklists. 

I will reply to all legitimate inquires within two (2) business days from my receipt of your email. Please keep in mind that I live in Philadelphia, PA, which is on Eastern Time, so I may not be able to get back to you immediately, especially if you life in another time zone. Thank you for understanding.

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