JC Torpey Portfolio Professional Freelance Writer

Personal Snapshot

Born in Tennessee and raised in Selden, L.I., NY, I adopted Philadelphia, PA, as my home after meeting my husband and settling down with my daughter and two cats.

As one of “those” kids, I’ve been through a lot, and walked a variety of paths in life. I’ve made some massive mistakes along the way, but through it all, I’ve learned a lot too…

…Such as who I was, who I am now, and how to like the person I’ve become. Who is that?

JC Torpey. A Goth at heart who picked up a healthy dose of Geek and a sprinkling of political junkie on my way through life. I’ve grown into my skin and, as thick as it is, racked up 23 tattoos and counting, many of which I’ve designed myself.

I wear my heart on my sleeve quite literally. Through these years, I’ve lived all over – even in Mexico, (Sí, ya leer y escribir en español).

I might be a City girl now, but I’ll never forget from where I came…

I’m a Lawn-Guylander, of course. I drink a ton of corfee in the mawnin, and sometimes with chorclet syrup. I used to waulk my dawg Guido, who loved the worter at the beech. Living as a city girl, I still drink corfee every mawnin, but I put quorters in the meetah, and waulk by myself, mulling idears over in my head.”


Professional Snapshot

Throughout my life, I’ve taken what I learned on the street and in the background, and did my best to put my best face forward. I received my GED in 1997, and immediately went into photo development, earning certificates from Kodak and getting OSHA certified when I began customer service and supervisory training.

I’ve learned many things from many people along the way – amassed a variety of skills and knowledge over the years.

Some of my background includes:

  • Customer service and business management – 18 years
  • Computer, general Information Technology specialist – 10 years
  • English as a Second Language tutor (English-Spanish) 12 years
  • Technical writing, Online article writing and blogging
  • Writing and Editing; AP and Chicago styles

Over the last decade, I’ve self-studied using Brainbench and other platforms, and am certified in all of the above areas via the same.

I am in the middle of a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications that I hope to finish by 2017 – 2018.